SIA's News & Notes Newsletter

News & Notes is the newsletter published by the Society of Indiana Archivists.

SIA invites submissions of news, photographs, and/or articles so you can share your good work with your fellow Indiana archivists. In-depth articles should be 500-700 words in length and include an image for illustration. Topics can be anything of interest to archivists. Have you created an exhibition for your organization, do you have a personal research interest, or is there an artifact/book/collection in your organization’s holdings that would be interesting for our readers to know about? You can also submit shorter announcements for the newsletter. Did you add a recent hire (or were hired recently), achieve a milestone, or receive a new acquisition? Let us know! And please send images. They sure do make our newsletter pop!

Submissions should be sent to the Newsletter Editor, Adriana Maynard Harmeyer.

Explore past issues of SIA's News & Notes:

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