SIA Annual Spring Meeting

Every year in spring, SIA holds an annual meeting. This generally includes a half-day pre-conference workshop and a full-day conference/membership meeting, although changes to the format may happen in the future.  

Annual Meeting History

When the Society of Indiana Archivists (SIA) held its first meetings in the early 1970s, those gatherings marked the first occasion when many archivists and curators were able to actually meet their peers. Unlike national and regional gatherings, SIA meetings were, and are, affordable and accessible. SIA annual meetings come close to be the town halls of the professional--places where personal familiarity and shared concerns are of paramount importance.

In the decades since its founding in 1972, SIA's annual meetings remain its core activity, and despite email, listservs, and the communication revolution, the face-to-face encounters at SIA's spring annual meetings and fall workshop epitomize the purpose and personality of the organization. SIA conducts membership meetings in order to provide educational opportunities for the membership and a venue for networking and social exchanges.

The SIA Fall Workshop

A workshop is hosted in fall by the Society of Indiana Archivists. The workshop is a great way for archivists and those working with archives to have a hands-on learning opportunity and to share information with colleagues.

Scholarships are available for both of these events. See current meeting and workshop pages for more information.

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