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Welcome to the Society of Indiana Archivists!

Who We Are and What We Do

The Society of Indiana Archivists (SIA) is an organization of archivists, researchers, and others who are actively concerned with establishing, developing, preserving, promoting, and using archival collections. 

SIA provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas related to archival collections and best practices, and it serves as a liaison among individuals and institutions working with archival collections in the state.

SIA 2020 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee is excited to announce the pre-conference workshop and annual meeting will be held in Indianapolis at the University of Indianapolis, Schwitzer Student Center during April 16-17, 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing you in our state’s capital as we gear up for the city’s bicentennial celebration. Please find more information on our event page.

So, what is Indianapolis’ official birthday? The City of Indianapolis is recognizing two dates:

  • June 7, 1820 
  • January 6, 1821

On June 7, 1820, commissioners selected four sections of land to be considered the permanent site for the new state capital. On January 6, 1821, the General Assembly ratified land around the mouth of Fall Creek as our state’s permanent capital. With both of these dates in mind, the city’s festivities will officially begin during June 2020 and wrap up in January 2021.

A special thanks goes to the Local Arrangements and Program Committee members:

Bethany Fiechter (Chair), Sarah Allison, Rich Bernier, Jessica McKamey, Evan Miller, Alan Rowe, Elizabeth South, Kelley Brenneman (Chair), Stephen Lane, Amy Christiansen, Sean Eisele, Wesley Wilson and Katey Watson. 

This conference would not take place without generous support from our sponsors:

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